Saturday, July 16, 2011

Step one down.... so many more to go!

Hellz Yeah!!
      OMG yeah.... Look at that Picture. That's me, looking NORMAL!

   I'm now 12 days Post operative. That's 12 days since I lost about 7 lbs of breast. Let me repeat that.... 7 pounds of BOOB! Gone... no more... bye bye.... see ya.

   Wow is there a difference. Already, the little ruts on my shoulder are starting to go away, my arms aren't going numb on a regular basis they way they were before. I haven't had a backache, or a major neckache since the surgery (I will cop to a couple of mornings of stiff neck, but that's more from sleeping on my back and slipping partway off the pillows while sleeping)

    I will also fess up. I'm still sore and bruised and occasionally freak out about the fact that there is less than half the boobs there was before. But it's a whole lot more of happy feelings than negative ones. And the negatives is mostly the pain talking.

    I have gone from a figurative N cup to a D cup. Lets put that in perspective I lost 10 inches of breast. 10 inches! that's almost a foot! (how scary is that, my breasts were just that damn big).... don't believe me... how about some side by side photos!

12 hours Pre Operative

12 Days Post Op, same shirt
Yeah, Check that out. In the first picture my breasts are past my elbows, now.... not at all! Heck yeah this rocks right now.

    I have now made it to the land of happy bra-dom. I can now walk into a Walmart or Target or... well, not quite a Victoria's Secret (I have the cup size, but need to loose like 8 inches for the band sizes). But now at least it's in the realm of possiblities. Hell it could happen.

     But I can't lose perspective right now. I still need to lose a lot of weight, but now it will be easier. I can walk and move around a whole lot better. So now I can start excercising better.

    Or rather I will, once I get the OK. At this point I still have stiches in, and it still hurts to move, and I still have swelling to deal with. Even with all of that, though, I am really happy where I am right now. Now I just need to heal. And learn to deal with the ugly incision marks, although eventually those can and should fade to the point I wouldn't notice them. But that's all still a ways off. I'll just be happy when the 6 weeks are up and I can go back to normal living (that should be about the time I get the OK to go back to my regularly scheduled activities. 4 weeks from Tuesday. And I'll be there!

12 Hours Pre Op

12 Days Post Op
  I love being able to look at these pictures... Look at how far apart they are. It still amazes me. I look and I still don't believe it. Then I look at the First picture, that one at the top, and the only though I have
HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You look great.....8-)

  2. Wow, You look amazing! Your story is so inspiring!

  3. I am proud of you girl!!! love, Darlene

  4. Thanks everyone for you support! I still have a ways to go yet till I'm healed... but I'm looking forward to it!

  5. Oh My Gosh! You look so awesome!!! You look like you've lost 40 lbs instead of just the 7 in boobs! Isn't it funny how much heavier those things make us look???

    More importantly, this step is making you FEEL better and it's going to allow you to exercise so that you can get your fabulous self into a rocking 1950s style two-piece!

  6. @ Miss Kitty.... you are funny!

    I was thinking a tasteful 1 piece. Somehow no matter what I don't think I could see myself rocking the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini! (although I've always wondered... was the background yellow with like black dots a la a bumblebee or was the bikini white with yellow dots, like little drops of sunshine?)both kind of fit the song, but are hugely different

  7. This is what I had in mind...I have one exactly like this except it's red with white polka dots...this LOOKS like a two piece tankini thingy...but it's actually a one'll never catch me in a teeny weeny bikini either no matter how good of shape i get in...THIS is more my speed...

  8. @ Miss Kitty, OMG that's exactly (almost) what I was thinking about... but I was picturing mine in either solid Bold lipstick read or jet black. Totally ROCKS!


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