Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: How to Be a Pin Up Model

I don't know about some of you, but I've never had the knack for being a girly-girl. It's not that I don't want to look pretty or look my best. It's that I've always been sort of clueless about HOW to make that happen.

I always used to envy those girls who just seemed to "get" it. You'd spend 50 minutes grunting and groaning and sweating like a football player during your freshman gym class, and "those" girls would emerge without a hair out of place, makeup flawless. It's ridiculous.

Point is...I'm pushing 30 and, while I've KIND of mastered the makeup thing (I'm a "less is more" kind of girl), I basically throw my hair in a pony tail every day because trying to get it to do something cool is pretty much hopeless. SO...can't master a modern in the HELL am I supposed to transform myself into a pin up girl, with all those complicated hairstyles and that extremely glamorous makeup?

This is the answer. I bought this movie on a lark. I figured it might be interesting. And it was.

It's divided up into three parts: hair, makeup, and modeling. I'm not interested in the last part--at least, not at this point. But the hair and makeup was a lifesaver. You want to know the secret to getting a great cat-eye? How about the art of pasting on fake eyelashes? Did you know that there's a reason your hair always goes flat with curling irons and hot rollers??

It's not an extremely long movie, but it's concise and to-the-point. Most of all, it is amazingly inspirational, and a great guide to those who are as lost and hopeless as me in the girly-girl department!


  1. OMG that sounds so darn awesome!! I will definately have to borrow it at some point. I would adore some of the hair ideas myself. Like you, I usually revert to a ponytail for want of something nicer... mostly because I have no clue what really flatters my face. I am seriously considering offering my SIL some money and having her go nuts on my hair cut wise, in the hopes that she can find a cut and style that would actually flatter me.

    Keep me updated sweetie! Hugs

  2. Oh yes. I will definitely let you check it out...I've also bought a few books on vintage hairstyles and stuff over the years...they're interesting, but I've found videos like this and youtube to be the best source of info on how to get the "vintage" look.

    As for hairstyles? I've read that the sucess of vintage hairstyles depend upon the woman's haircut. Apparently most of them required heavily layered hair. As in REALLY layered. Luckily, you can pretty much work with any type of modern haircut that is layered. SO, Va the interest of becoming a pin up girl...I'd have your SIL help you find a layered look that works for you... ;)

  3. Lucky for me then. I actually go for the layered look with my hair to begin with. My "normal" hairstyle (as opposed to this whole grown out crap I have now) is that I start with long layers just below my chin in front and angle/layer it back and away from my face. It frames my face and gives me a really easy up do in that I can catch it high and messy in the back and then I have the tendrils that fall in the front. However, when I do this the layers are only in the front, up to where my ears begin, the back is all just one length and even with the bottom layer in the front. I have considered getting the back layered as well to take some of the weight off. Right now, sitting fully erect, my hair is all of about 4 inches from my waist in the back.

    Thanks for the tips sweetie!!


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